Tonsils are part of the immune system and are the most important structures of the Waldayer's ring. They are especially responsible for protecting the human body from bacteria that enter the body through the mouth. The reaction that occurs as a result of the contact of viruses or bacteria entering the body with the tonsils can sometimes cause inflammation of the tonsils.

Inflammation of the tonsils can cause a person's fever, sore throat and weakness. The person whose tonsils are inflamed can be treated with the use of antibiotics under the control of a doctor. However, due to persistent or recurring problems in the tonsils of some people, it may become compulsory to have tonsil surgery in line with the doctor's advice.

How is tonsil surgery performed?

 Today, general anesthesia is clearly applied in tonsil surgery for both adults and children. Although tonsil surgery usually takes half an hour, depending on the patient waking up from anesthesia, it varies between 1 and 1 and a half hours.

Depending on the situation, methods such as cold dissection, radiofrequency and cautery are used for tonsil surgery. After the surgery, the patient remains under observation for 18-24 hours in line with the condition and is discharged with special diets if there is no problem with the patient's condition.